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Some Problems Need a Helping Hand
Clinical psychologists do not bring an agenda to a psychotherapy session, but may be able to see things from a wider angle.   

psychologist therapy hour. You have discovered the PsychologyKnowledge website, where you will find timely information on the diagnosis and psychotherapy of problems like depression, post tramatic stress disorder, anxiety and eating disorders. As you explore the various sections in this site you will also learn about marital therapy, and how to improve social skills.  Discover  resources that can help you better understand and deal with psychological and emotional problems. 

The Knowledge of Psychology: a Toolbox for Living
Social psychologists understand pursuasion, communication and our behaviors in groups and in society. Child psychologists can help you deal with normal parenting or with children who are a little different.  

Is it normal when your child....
If you are a typical parent you want to know anything you can get your hands on about child development, if nothing else than to be reassured. 

But if he is often in trouble in 3rd grade, is it because he is a gifted child who is bored, or could it be a mood disorder or ADD? Is your  daughter a socially awkward geek, or does she have Asperbergers?

In addition to parenting and normal child development, in our child psychology section we explore these unusual children, and the questions they raise for a concerned parent. We also discuss how a family can handle a divorce in the least harmful way.

Can you change someone's mind?

Social psychologists have a fairly good idea what works and what doesn't, and politicians, publicists and most advertising men will keep up with this information if they want to be effective.

Why do bystanders ignore cries for help? What can be done about prejudice? Can we be influenced by the groups we are in, and what makes us happy? 

Social psychologist have looked at these questions, and in our easy to follow discussions we will digest the research and bring you up to date on these and other fascinating questions raised by social psychologists.

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 psychologist quote about neurosis

"Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity."

--Sigmund Freud

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